Programs and Eligibility

MA in Christian Holiness (MA)

Entry requirement is any Bachelor Degree and Theology Degree, must pass two unit Pre-MA courses offered as Summer School of Theology each year in the month of May in association with Nazarene Theological College , (NTC), Manchester and South India Biblical Seminary (SIBS) as partner program institution.

Post -Graduate Diploma in Christian Holiness (PPGDIP)

Offered each summer as continuing education opportunity for those in active ministry, Candidates qualifies after Post Graduate Diploma, can be enrolled in MA in Christian Holiness.

Diploma in Theology (D.TH) 

Entry requirement is plus two pass or its equivalent, offered 25 Courses in 3 years in 14 major languages in South Asia. Diploma accredited to Asia Theological Association (ATA), application on process

Certificate in Christian Ministry (CCM)

Two years course for lay people in ministry upon successful completion of the Lay -Pastors comprised of a further SANBC seven taught courses in 14 languages.

Lay Pastors Certificate

One year course for lay people in ministry of SANBC first track seven courses offered in 14 languages.

Bachelor of Christian Studies (BCS) (Future Course offered Plan)

Offered through Sanate of Serampore College (University), in association with South India Biblical Seminary (SIBS). Entry qualification +2 or its equivalent. Affiliation discussion is in progress.

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