Track 1

No.Course IDName of the Course
1BS113Understanding the Old Testament
2BS123Understanding the New Testament
3CL323Biblical Hermeneutics
4TS 113Basic Christian Doctrines
5TS 123Christian Holiness
6CH213History and Polity of the Church of the Nazarene
7CM113Private Prayer and Congregational Worship

Track 2

8WM253Mission, Evangelism and Church Planting
10BS223Synoptic Gospel
11TS213Wesleyan Theology
12CH223History of Christianity in South Asia
13CM213Christian Education
14CM223Christian Leadership Principles


15CL223Introduction to Homiletics
16BS313Wisdom Literature and Psalms
17BS323Johannine Literature
20TS313Systematic Theology
21CH233Church History (Reformation onwards)
22PHIL213Major Religion and Modern Cults
23PHIL313Christian Ethics
24SOSC233Pastoral Counsel and Community Care
25SOSC333Church in Contemporary Society

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