Assessment and Quality Assurance

Assessment of students in SANBC is not limited to academics alone. Students are observed in many areas of educational life:  class participation, prescribed readings, writing assignments, practical involvement in the ministry and personal spiritual formation, etc.  SANBC seeks to develop students in all the areas of life that are necessary for the Christian ministry.  

Desired components, such as seminars, workshops, and practicum assignments have proved to be the most challenging to develop within the programme of SANBC.  This is due, in large measure, to a sensitive balance that must be struck between the college providing such components, and districts actually facilitating their delivery in consistent ways.  More intentional work is being done with and through the district education coordinators to ensure satisfactory delivery in the learning centres.  

The college works collaboratively with the districts of India and South Asia in the ongoing assessment of students as they progress through their courses of study.  Since many of our faculty serve as pastor-members on District Boards of Ministry, they participate in student interviews as the ministerial candidate is progressing through their studies to graduation and ordination.   This facilitates further assessment of the student on the part of the college.

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