Educational Relationships

South Asia Nazarene Bible College is a member of the EURASIA Region Education Council, and shares close fellowship and fraternity with the other schools of the Region.  SANBC also has been a member of the Regional Course of Study Advisory Committee since its inception. The shared perspectives of all of the member schools of the EURASIA Region give insight and encouragement to the development of SANBC’s curriculum and systems.  SANBC seeks to maintain a close relationship with the Regional Education Coordinator, for guidance in the ongoing development of its programmes and faculty.  

The districts of the South Asia Field are also partners in the educational enterprise of the school, as are the local churches on those districts, which host classes and provide a mentoring environment and experience for students.  

South Asia Nazarene Bible College and the India and South Asia Fields act in partnership with other Evangelical educational institutions*, whose theological perspectives are similar to our own.  Dialogue is ongoing to secure formal memoranda of understanding with these education providers. These institutions offer both residential and non-residential programmes, whose curricula have been reviewed by SANBC and the Regional Education Coordinator.  For students who choose to study in these programmes, Nazarene core courses, beyond the validated set curricula of the institution, must be taken under SANBC supervision and instruction. The three primary core courses are: Nazarene History and Polity, Wesleyan Theology and Doctrine of Holiness.  District Boards of Ministry (or Ministerial Studies) are responsible to monitor the progress of students who study outside SANBC. There is cooperation between SANBC and the districts in the delivery of the three core courses mentioned above, to qualify a student for graduation from the South Asia Course of Study.  Ordination is dependent upon completion of all requirements within the Course of Study and demonstrated compliance (districts, local churches, and students) with International and Regional Sourcebook standards.

Partner Institutions

*South India Biblical Seminary (SIBS) is a partner institution, offering residential B.Th. and M.Div. degrees, to develop faculty for SANBC. SIBS and SANBC are coming to a closer partnership for faculty sharing, library resources sharing and providing continuing education for ministers and for leadership in the church. In future there is possibility of SIBS offering their B.Th. and M.Div. program on key SANBC education centres for faculty development.  

*Union Biblical Seminary (UBS) provides a residential and an extension department of their programmes, to develop faculty for SANBC. UBS offers the Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBS), BD, M.Div., and MTh degrees.

*College of Christian Theology-Bangladesh (CCTB) in Dhaka provides assistance to SANBC in preparing faculty to deliver SANBC courses in Bangladesh, and facilitates library access for our students.  CCTB offers the BA and MA degrees.

*Colombo Theological Seminary (CTS) in Colombo provides avenues for degree completion to SANBC students who have completed their Diploma studies. CTS offers the B.Th., MA, and M.Div. degrees.  

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